Skills and citizenship: the impact of political uncertainty on business immigration

As Theresa May begins to disclose some detail on the rights of the three million EU citizens resident in Britain post Brexit, we reflect on what happened at a recent breakfast panel discussion we hosted this month on potential changes to the UK business immigration system.

Immigration has been at the heart of the debate around Brexit since the referendum was announced and, since Britain voted to leave the EU a year ago, uncertainty around the rights of EU citizens living in the UK have kept many business owners awake at night.

Our panel comprised Sebastian Remøy, President of Public Affairs at strategic communications advisory firm Kreab; Chris Pond, Chair of the Lending Standards Board and Vice Chair of the Financial Inclusion Commission; and Tim Cook, CEO of nGAGE Specialist Recruitment, who was there to give a much needed reality check on what’s actually happening – on the ground – within businesses. Mishcon Immigration Partner Steven Bostock chaired the event.

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