Shapers: Lawson Muncaster and Jens Thorpe

“Where is the most important place for business in the world? I’d have to say, it’s London. As much as it pains a Scot to say that.”

 “I think we launched in 14 different countries, from Hong Kong to
Chile, US, Canada and a lot of places in Europe.”

“Mr Torpe has, I think, probably launched more newspapers in the world than anybody else.”

“…where I come from in Denmark, the biggest financial newspaper had a circulation of 80,000 in a country with five million…”

“People started seeing where it was going and started to realise that this was probably the first newspaper of the new world, rather than the last paper of the old world.”

“There are quite a few Scots down here, teaching London boys as well.”

“we’ve got a young team that’s totally different and produces a bloody good paper.”

“One of the obvious things we did to write much shorter articles. I think everybody knows that it’s actually a lot more difficult than to write longer articles.”

“…we had to have people who were like-minded and a kindred spirit”

Jen Torpe & Lawson Muncaster

In September 2005, Lawson Muncaster launched, together with CEO Jens Torpe, a newspaper aimed exclusively at London’s business and financial areas – CITY A.M.

City A.M. is distributed at more than 400 carefully chosen commuter hubs across London and the Home Counties, as well as 1,600 offices throughout the City, Canary Wharf and other areas of high business concentration, giving it a daily readership in excess of 399,000 professionals