Shapers: Janine & Gideon Stone

Show aired on 12th September 2015


Janine Stone is one of Britain’s foremost interior designers, her internationally acclaimed practice is supported by a team of 50 architects, designers, craftsmen, project managers, technicians and builders; each dedicated to striving for excellence. Her husband, Gideon, is Managing Director of the practice.

With offices in London, Manchester, Moscow and Milan, the firm specialises in developing, refurbishing, designing and building extraordinary private residences for the most discerning clients.

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Eventually I was able to persuade Janine that, you know, I might be a good Managing Director.

It’s business but it’s also social because our clients are private individuals and you get close to them during a project that might last two or three years.

I used to be working on my own, with no-one in the background to explain everything to. It was really bad. Go, go, go.

We don’t work together but we work side-by-side.

If you put a monkey in the kitchen for long enough he will learn how to cook.

Janine has a very intuitive understanding of people – she reads clients like no-one else in the business.

Our market place wasn’t as badly affected as some, with the financial collapse – we are now seeing property surging back into the sort of price range that it was back in 2007.

It might sound boring but I think just maintaining good quality and good standards is really where our next five year aspiration sits.