Shaper: Tom Adeyoola

Show aired on 21st January 2017


Tom Adeyoola

Tom Adeyoola is the CEO and founder of Metail, the revolutionary body shape and garment fit visualisation company.

Metail is the leading retail tech company for the online fashion industry, with 3.5 million users worldwide. Tom founded the company in 2008 after seeing his wife deflated, unable to find clothes that fitted her after shopping online. His belief is that technology can improve the online shopping experience, and Metail’s technology replicates the changing room for the online shopper.

An Economics graduate from Cambridge, Tom’s career has spanned all forms of new media, from Sportal to3 and most recently as Head of Gaming at Inspired Gaming Group.

Tom founded the Cambridge technology start-up recruitment fair Silicon Milkround Cambridge, has been an active member of the UK government’s DCMS Think Tank on the Convergence of Media (2009), a Demos working group on technology legislation and is the inspiration behind the launch of the government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Tom is also a patron for the creative industries incubator MeWe360 and a Non-Executive Director of emerging personal wellness technology startup Chiaro.

Follow Tom on Twitter @tadeyoola.

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“We want to make people feel great about finding, choosing and buying clothing online and to do that through their own 3D version of themselves”.

“There have been a lot of false prophets who came and said, we have solved the on line clothing fit problem, we can help you try on clothes on line. They never quite delivered.”

“The bottom line is that people don’t want to get naked going into a random machine in a store.”

I felt that I was being that sort of clever guy but only working as a team of one and I felt I had got quite niche and I was wondering how do I make that next step

“In those early days we basically launched a product which didn’t work, it was broken and I was working hundred hour weeks.”

“I took that broken product from nothing to seventy percent market penetration in the UK in just over a year. It was a case of, oh – I can do this!”

“You can’t really underestimate the power of confidence and accumulating confidence to get you to a point where you are ready to do your own thing.”

“Learning to survive on very little money taught me a lot about myself.”

“In the UK is we build a chasse, we build an amazing engine and we don’t put anything on top to make it look great and attractive. That’s a key challenge for us.”

“We are all part of trumpeting our successes and pushing ourselves out in the world. We’ve got to do this more than ever now.”