Shaper: Sven Hughes

Show aired on 8th July 2017


Sven Hughes
Sven Hughes is the founder of Verbalisation. He was a reserve soldier within MI, Psyops and UK SF and has worked variously within military, political and commercial stratcoms for over two decades.

Sven has completed Verbalisation target audience analysis and intervention campaigns on behalf of Prime Ministers, Presidents, Royal households, militaries, government departments and commercial clients in over 120 countries.

He was Campaign Manager for the successful election of Prime Minister Douglas (SKN) in 2010, as well as the successful “no” referendum in SVG. He was also responsible for the groundswell campaign in Trinidad & Tobago that swept Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar into power.

Sven is a regular international speaker on the future of strategic communication to audiences including JFHQ, RUSI and the House of Lords.

He is the recipient of 14 international advertising and film awards, a Queen’s Enterprise Award nomination and Fellowship of The Royal Society of Arts. His company was responsible for producing “one of the most successful counter-radicalisation viral campaign in history” (Quilliam Foundation).

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“…let’s start with the end in mind and start creating the language that can enable peace more effectively than conflict.”

“The difference is people are getting quality news in an environment of fake news. I think that’s tremendously important. I mean, we choose our clients carefully but that’s something we’re very proud of.”

“My father was a GP. I have seen a male role model before me who was very interested in taking care of people, or at least taking his role in society seriously.”

“The people that fit well with our organisation are very politically aware, they’re very socially aware, that’s something we look for in our team.”

“I have a concern that our marketing industry, in many places, not all of it, but in many areas is built on sand.”

“You may have very clever people sitting in a room and having a jolly good gas but in many cases they haven’t actually taken the time to really understand their audience.”

“If you can have that much variation in your polling, it means that it’s not the audience that’s wrong, it’s your methods of capturing the intent of the audience that’s wrong.”

“Our retinas take in, I think I’m right in saying, 27 hours’ worth of visual imagery within a 24 hour period. We have so much bombarding us, multi-layered images, our brains just can’t take in all the information.”