Shaper: Steve Folwell

Show aired on 15th October 2016


Steve Folwell is the co-founder and Chief Executive of LOVESPACE, the UK’s first and largest storage-by-the-box service.  Prior to founding LOVESPACE, Steve was a Director at the Guardian Media Group, where he helped take the Guardian from being the ninth largest newspaper in the UK to being one of the top two news sites in the world. He has also worked at ITV and co-led McKinsey’s media practice in the UK. Steve holds an MA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from London Business School.

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Our aspiration is to help everyone look after their things

If you can explain an idea to your kids, your mum, your friends and it makes intuitive sense that’s a good start.

The idea that you’ve got an attic to put anything other than yourself in to sleep in is quite old hat.

The first day I spent in a job I was drafted in to speak to a FTSE 100 CEO when I was a management consultant and I felt like a bit of a fraud.  I think I cracked a slightly inappropriate joke about his business and how it was performing.

If you said to me ten years ago I would be spending one day a fortnight driving a van, picking things up from my customers, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you said I was going to enjoy it, I certainly wouldn’t have believed you.

The immediate feedback is probably the thing that I have enjoyed most about being an entrepreneur.

You have got to leave your ego at the door because you’ve got to be obsessed with doing the right thing for the customer.

Culture is a bit of magic that you can’t write down, you can’t really teach it, it just sort of emerges.

If you get the tech right for a business like this, you can build a really big business over time. The tech is the bit that is so difficult for anybody else coming into the market to copy.

Nothing is impossible if you have got a good team around you.