Shaper: Simon Hayward

Show aired on 22nd October 2016


Dr Simon Hayward is founder and CEO of leadership consultancy Cirrus and has a wealth of strategic leadership experience gained over 30 years. He has developed major leadership programmes for clients across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America and is considered a trusted advisor by many including Standard Chartered, Marks & Spencer and Three.

Simon’s book, Connected Leadership: How to Build a More Agile, Customer-Driven Business, was published by FT Publishing in December 2015.

Simon has a DBA and MBA from Manchester Business School and an MA (Hons) in English from Oxford University. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. He has won several awards and is a regular conference speaker and media commentator.

Simon lives in Cheshire and is a father of three, a keen runner and a fundraiser for cancer charities.

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I am fiercely independent, very difficult to manage so it is easier to be an entrepreneur rather than trying to fit into somebody else’s way of working

Some people are more naturally collaborative than others…

I think perhaps before I wanted to be more in control and that probably didn’t create enough space for people to flourish

I love working with clients, that’s where I get my buzz really

It’s quite useful to get somebody else to ask the awkward questions and make us think about how we do things and why

Creating space to stop and think and reflect is a key trick and frankly I find travelling one of the best ways to do that

It is how we operate, it’s how we behave, it’s how we respect each other, how we talk that matters. It’s the behaviour

I think increasingly, especially with millennials and the changes in the demographics of the workplace, a sense of purpose is absolutely critical to why we come to work in the morning

We believe in better business and better lives through better leadership