Shaper: Sara Murray

Show aired on 22nd November 2014


Sara Murray

Sara is a serial technology entrepreneur. She founded a number of companies including Ninah Consulting and Inspop, which owns the brand Sara then founded and now runs Buddi, which provides technology for remote health and location monitoring of people.  Sara is a previous Entrepreneur of the Year winner and also sits on the Government’s Technology Strategy Board and Vince Cable’s Entrepreneurs’ Forum. She was awarded an OBE for services to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2012, is a qualified helicopter pilot and a member of the development council of the National Portrait Gallery.

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…we have got government customers from here to New Zealand, Australia, America, Sweden, Ireland…we are really tackling the world.

I was in a supermarket in Kent and I turned around and my daughter wasn’t there… that heart-stopping moment that so many parents have experienced.

I had gone into consulting thinking I would learn about businesses but actually all I learnt was how to do spreadsheets.

…pretty much every business I have built has been very much against the grain…

…my mother always used to say ‘aim for the moon, if miss you get a handful of stars. Aim for the stars, if you miss, you get a handful of air.’ So I have always sort of aimed for the moon.

As an entrepreneur you never feel you have quite achieved.

I have got a really clear view of a market and I can see what is missing.

I don’t think government can create an entrepreneur but I think government can give an entrepreneur the skills to have a better chance of running a successful business.

…when you start-up, I don’t care what anybody says, the key thing you need is capital.

I have learnt the hard way that the best person to invest in is me.