Shaper: Robyn Exton

Show aired on 28th February 2015


Robyn Exton

Robyn is the founder of Dattch, the first app created specifically to help lesbian and bisexual women connect. Dattch has been designed and optimised around female specific user behaviour with a core focus on gender based interaction.

In her spare time Robyn also co-organises the London division of Geek Girl Meetup.

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I used to work at a creative agency and one of our clients was a dating business and it was fantastic, it really captured my interest.

With Wayra, you are in an environment where there are about twelve other start-up teams going through exactly the same thing as you.  You’ve got amazing people coming in to the building just sharing advice and it was brilliant for me.

You can do what you want if you can make enough money to get by and to cover all your costs. You can actually have the time to work on something that you really care about.

Being a hustler, building relationships and building a network is what has helped me.

In two years’ time I want our app to be on the phone of every woman that is looking to meet another woman. I want every woman who doesn’t know her sexuality, has known her sexuality for forty years or has just starting to figure out her sexuality, to know that whatever she is, this is the app for her.

I am happy to give someone like a small amount of equity to get their advice to come in and change the future of this business.

A lot of women know their sexuality, a lot of women don’t and I think I care a lot about creating a space for that.

A survey came out in 2013 showing that the number of women that identified as lesbian and the number of women that had a same sex experience had tripled in the space of the past ten years.  It is a growing space.

It is so easy for people to pay lip service to an idea. Actually taking the first step of doing something is probably one of the biggest hurdles.