Shaper: Robert Nadler

Show aired on 1st October 2016


Founder of Nadler Hotels, Robert worked in a number of industries before commencing his hotel business. Originally a qualified chartered surveyor, he has done everything from smoking fish to policing the Soho streets, founding two research companies and holding the position of CEO of a public company.

Robert opened his first hotel in Kensington in 2006. Inspired by what he wanted as a guest, he created an individual and original concept in designer boutique hotels based around an ethos of sustainability. The Nadler Liverpool opened in 2010, followed in June 2013 by The Nadler Soho. The Nadler Victoria, by Buckingham Palace, opened in December 2015, and a site in Covent Garden for a fifth hotel has just been acquired.

In keeping with Robert’s vision, Nadler Hotels edit out the typical hotel restaurant, gym and bar. Instead, the expert concierge team focus on encouraging guests to benefit from their in-depth, local knowledge to experience the neighbourhood’s top dining, leisure, and fitness offerings – many of which offer exclusive discounts for Nadler’s guests.

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“You have got to be green today, you’ve got to be crazy not to be green. You have got to be on another planet…”

“What I find irritating in a hotel and what drives me mad – and I think drives most people mad – are extra charges. Hotels love to monetise.”

“The real heart and soul of our business is sustainability and in particular social sustainability.”

“Being a salmon smoker is a very different role from being a chartered surveyor.”

“…life is about giving, not taking. There is so much more to life than accumulating, owning more, possessing more. Possessions possess you. It is one of my favourite sayings.”

“At school I thought I’d be a marine biologist at one point. I’ve done a lot of scuba diving.”

“…a Chief Executive or leader gives a sense of what people should be doing and his presence, the way he conducts himself, tends to trickle down.”

“I want my team to be incredibly friendly but never familiar. I don’t want them to be haughty or standoffish.”

“If it is not economically sustainable it’s a waste of time…if it is not economically sustainable you are doing something wrong.”