Shaper: Richard Setterwall

Show aired on 1st November 2014

Transcript of the show

Richard Setterwall, the founder and CEO of myDogBuddy, is an avid dog lover first and foremost. He graduated with an MSc in Financial Engineering from UCLA Anderson and LTH before starting his professional career in management consulting and corporate strategy for McKinsey and PWC Strategy. At the age of 31, Richard felt the time was right to follow his passion and get involved in a new project closer to his heart. His sister, the owner of Luca, a 6 year old Rottweiler, was struggling to find a dog sitter to look after him and the kennels were too stressful as an option. Realising that his sister wasn’t alone in her search of trusted and safe alternatives to the kennels, Richard began to consider and analyse the endless possibilities of an online community that connected like-minded dog lovers. myDogBuddy was born in January 2013.

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Working as a management consultant taught me about being structured, planned and analytical.

I enjoyed what I did back then but I wanted to follow my own passion as well.

Creating and running your own business is all about the soft values, for us it is all about trust.

We add a personal touch to everything we do. It’s kind of hard if you don’t like dogs because we are around dogs all day.

When we started, we didn’t have a website. I talked to local veterinary clinics and all the local pet shops trying to find out who the best dog sitters in London were.

I realised there must be thousands of people out there who would love to take care of a dog but don’t have one themselves, or they have a dog and they want a playmate for their dog.

Word of mouth takes care of most of the business. We get thousands of people signing up to become dog sitters every week.

It can be extremely lonely in business by yourself and you have so much pressure from everyone, but that’s also the beauty of it.

Business advisors have been tremendous in helping me on the way.