Shaper: Richard Joseph encore

Show aired on 23rd July 2016


Joseph Joseph was launched by talented twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph in 2003. Since then, they have seen their company develop from a small business into a truly global operation; a brand that has become synonymous with contemporary kitchen style. Joseph Joseph is a unique combination of the twins’ strengths and experience in design and business, Antony studied design at Central St Martins whilst Richard studied business at Cambridge. With an inimitable ability to match form and function with a playful sense of style and colour, as a company they have created some of the most sought-after kitchenware in the world.

Specialising in kitchen and tableware products, their trademark (and award winning) glass worktop savers are where it all began. The Joseph family has had a glass production business stretching back three generations and this is where as young boys the twins spent their summers learning all about the family business. Back in 2003, their father asked them to design a series of contemporary chopping boards and from here the idea of Joseph Joseph was born. Its offering has grown rapidly since 2003 and now includes everything from clever utensils, problem-solving gadgets and a generally innovative collection that will take you from kitchen to table in effortless style. Joseph Joseph prides itself on leading the field with its innovative designs and hope to keep applying their ethos of innovation and functional form in the contemporary kitchen for years to come.

Joseph Joseph is stocked in numerous well-known UK retailers and has its own ecommerce website –

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“It’s all about trying to create problem-solving, functional products that people can use every day”

“We have a test kitchen in the office so we bring lots of products in. We cook stuff, we make stuff, we mash potato, we grate cheese…”

“The great thing about online is you get these instant reviews so you can see very quickly whether people like what you are doing.”

“I am not a good cook. I am a product designer – which means I can mash potato better than anyone else. If you ask me to put the potato into something, that’s when I start to fall over.”

“I would say that scaling up has probably caused us the most problems.”

“I am not sure there is a ‘Joseph Joseph’ person. There is definitely a ‘Joseph Joseph’ culture.”

“…the guy who runs our warehouse has an entrepreneurial approach; the guy who runs our accounts has an entrepreneurial approach…”

“I love to travel, I love meeting people face-to-face. I love the different cultures and then seeing how our little business fits into those cultures.”