Shaper: Richard Cohen

Transcript of the show
LoveLive is about creating the highest quality live music video content and making it available to anybody who can’t make it to the live gigs themselves.

We don’t get everything right all the time and when you are innovating you are ultimately going to have to do new things that are less polished.

We are truly passionate about what we do, we do it to the highest standard possible and we accept that we are going to get it wrong sometimes, but we always operate under the banner of fair, honourable and equitable, and that has seen us through challenging times.

Somebody said to me once that anxiety is nothing but the fear and trepidation of events never likely to occur.

The one thing that I have always done better than anything else is consulted to B to B sales. It is not terribly sexy.

It is a privilege, a thrill and a joy. I genuinely love what it is that I do.

I don’t say this flippantly, but making money has never really been my objective.  It has always been a bi-product of doing what it is that I enjoy first and foremost.

I am delighted with my position behind the scenes and to be the guy who provides the stage for those that really should be on it.

I believe that we all thrive on competition.  I welcome it.

Richard Cohen

Richard is CEO of LoveLiveLoveLive is a music media company that brings together brands, broadcasters, digital platforms and labels; combining unique access to music rights with digital and marketing capability to create original high-quality music content and campaigns for delivery across a variety of channels.

Prior to LoveLive, Richard was on the board and Entertainment Managing Director at Perform Group. Richard has also held senior positions at Framestore CFC and Image.Net (subsequently acquired by Getty Images).