Shaper: Rachel Riley

Show aired on 9th July 2016


Rachel Riley is the owner and founder of Rachel Riley, a British luxury brand for children. She studied at Cambridge University and worked as a model in Paris, New York & London before setting up her own company twenty years ago, when she had children of her own, as she likes to hand sew, embroider and knit.

Rachel’s design philosophy is rooted in her traditional lifestyle and draws inspiration from the forties, fifties and sixties with fine tailoring, hand smocking, hand embroidery and vintage-inspired prints designed by and exclusive to the brand. Rachel Riley designs, manufactures and retails clothing and accessory collections four times per year for boys, girls, babies and ladies.

In spring 2014, Prince George wore a Rachel Riley sailboat smocked dungarees on his first Official Engagement, seen worldwide.

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“I made things for my own children and my friends and my family, and people around me asked me to make things for them. It started in a very simple way.”

“I could actually turn up for the first day with a wardrobe of things that I mostly made myself.”

“I get a buzz whenever I see children wearing our clothes.”

“Well, if you don’t have a demand, you don’t have a business.”

“I think that women run their businesses in the way that suits them.”

“You know, I feel very proud of the fact that Prince George has worn our things on several occasions.”

“I said I loved what I do, but I haven’t said there haven’t been bumps along the road.”

“You have to go to the markets where people like what you do.”

“…our kind of styles don’t go out of fashion. It’s not specific for an era, it is just, you know, making children look beautiful – which is important for me.”