Shaper: Pip Jamieson

Show aired on 16th December 2017


Pip Jamieson

Pip has previously worked as a Fast-Stream Assistant Economist at the Government Economic Service; a Business Strategy and Development Manager; Head of Marketing New Zealand at MTV Networks; and Co-founder and Managing Director of The Loop, a professional network site for creatives in Australia.

She founded The Dots – a professional network ‘for the people and teams that don’t wear suits to work’ – in 2014.

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I am a female tech founder and we are rarer than hens teeth, so I am a big diversity advocate.

I have the most amazing tech team all in-house so I like to think of myself more as the orchestrator. I look at what the problem is and work with them to make what’s in my brain a reality.

We are entering the age of automation and the robots are coming. But there are three things technology does really badly. It doesn’t have common sense, it can’t feel empathy and it can’t mimic the human capability to be creative.

It started with us brainstorming the idea in the pub and when we thought we had traction, we quit our jobs at MTV, sunk our life savings and started the platform from scratch. The rest I guess is history.

When you are starting a business everything goes wrong, you’ve just got to keep ploughing through and keep building.

I always focus on positivity, it’s a core value of my business. Positivity doesn’t mean positivity for positivity sake, it means being focused on solutions not problems and it’s led to a really happy working environment for me and my team.

There are challenges about being a female entrepreneur. Only 4% of businesses that are backed by VC’s are female businesses so you do have a distinct hill to climb. But I love a challenge.

At the moment we are disrupting recruitment agents, but soon to be disrupting agencies themselves and I guess that’s why the Sunday Times called me the next big disrupter.