Shaper: Phil Cameron

Show aired on 9th October 2015


Phil Cameron, Founder & CEO of award-winning airport lounge specialist No.1 Traveller
Phil Cameron has worked in the aviation sector for twelve years, following a theatre career which saw him win an Olivier Award in the West End and a Tony Award on Broadway. He founded award-winning lounge operator No.1 Traveller having identified an opportunity to deliver high-end experiences in the major and under-served airport market. Anchored around a collection of award-winning lounges at Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh and Birmingham, No.1 provides a range of premium pre-flight services including chauffeur-driven airport transfers, valet car parking, fast-track airport security, VIP departure services, travel spas and an airside pod hotel. Phil is an entrepreneur who has grown his business significantly in a challenging economic climate and is passionate about creating the best possible experiences for the travelling public.

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“The risk is there, it’s a high risk business. High risk, high return…and thrilling as a result.”

“Aviation is actually a pretty theatrical thing.”

“…we came up with a plan, they rented us then thousand square foot of space, and off we went.”

“…the back office was in London, the front office was in New York so I spent a lot of time on planes.”

“Everyone wants this company to do well, but we all have slightly different views on how to do it.”

“I think if you are not obsessive about it and you are not the most passionate advocate about it, it’s never going to work.”

“…the expectations of people are very, very different when they are travelling. Everyone is in a heightened state of emotion…”

“When you are in theatre, it is project by project. The project happens, you star, it all works out beautifully or not and then the project is over.”

“I think it’s about the working relationship. They put forward ideas, we put forward ideas. We debate them. Sometimes I win, sometimes they win…and sometimes we all agree.”

“We talk about product-led profitability and you know, you get the product right, people will come; we will make the money – it’s as simple as that really.”