Shaper: Peter Scott

Show aired on 12th December 2015

Peter Scott began his advertising career at Ogilvy & Mather – now one of the pillars of WPP – where he had the good fortune to be offered the chance to open and run a new agency for Ogilvy in Scotland, and so began his penchant for starting businesses.  After spells in Brussels and a division of Y&R in London, he co-founded WCRS as Thatcher came to power. The business enjoyed great success through the 80s and morphed in 1990 into Aegis – owners of Carat, the largest independent media buying network in the world.  Peter took a 10 year sabbatical from the ad industry from the mid 90s but re-engaged to lead the buy back of his old agency, WCRS, from the French group Havas in 2004. This business morphed into The Engine Group and grew revenues in excess of £120m with offices in London, New York and Shanghai before its sale to Lake Capital last year.

In addition, Peter has established and run a mineral water business, a farm, one of England’s finest Partridge shoots and, with his wife Jan, raised a substantial amount of money for children’s charities via the Ashe Park charity Polo matches.

Peter has recently launched his latest venture, Be Heard Group plc of which he is Executive Chairman. With its first acquisition already in hand, the group aims to build a digitally-focused network of specialist companies within the marketing services and technology sectors across the UK, Europe and US. Peter is also Chairman of Ludorum – owners of the Chuggington TV series which is broadcast around the world.

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“I think the ad business has always been for waifs and strays who can’t really find out what they should be doing in life, and I was one of those.”

“’s an unquenched desire to keep starting businesses. I love starting businesses, I love building businesses.”

“At WCRS we became a public company when we were in short trousers.”

“…you sit with your investment bankers and you sit with your lawyers and half the time you have no idea what it is they are talking about, you just know it is a very expensive discussion.”

“I had one thing in common with Robin’s three wives, which is after about twelve years of living with Robin you have to have a break.”

“It’s a great industry to be in. There are daily challenges which you can’t predict, there is fun to be had, there is work to be done.”

“…you take the knocks as they come along and you dust yourself off and you pick yourself up and you are back in the ring for the next round.”

“I don’t’ think any of us are infallible, we all make mistakes. We need to learn from those mistakes.”

“I just love a challenge. I love it when people say you can’t do something.”