Shaper: Paul Jacobs

Transcript of the show
When you reach the ripe old age of your mid-fifties, you reach a point where you start to think: isn’t it about time I took a bit more control of my own destiny?

You can’t get to a point in business where you haven’t experienced some bruises.

Suddenly there you are all on your own, in a virtually empty room and there is a sense of enormous excitement but also a sense of trepidation and perhaps a sense of being way outside of your comfort zone.

you don’t know what you don’t know

…the name LoveWorkLife came about because I was thinking about my role…it was mostly helping them to enjoy what they were doing and love their work life…

I think every business needs somebody that is grey-haired and been there and bought several t-shirts. In my case a few scarves and hats along the way as well

…the thing I had never done was actually owned or managed my own business. Life is pretty short and it was an unfulfilled ambition and it kind of happened accidentally really

you don’t want to be a wallpaper in any business. To be camouflaged is not good news

Fear breeds a level of action

If you call yourself LoveWorkLife, you can’t go out and work with people you don’t like

People say you can’t buy experience and actually that is exactly what they do when they engage us

In the end, I think it is about having the cahoonas really to get out there and make it happen for yourself in a way that inspires people.

Paul Jacobs

Paul Jacobs is a recruitment specialist who has spent 37 years within the recruitment industry including his time as the Managing Director of Office Angels, the UK’s leading office support recruitment consultancy. He is now behind a new ‘Love Work Life’ initiative, which helps businesses strategize and succeed. LoveWorkLife provides strategic advice and mentoring to recruitment business to help them to create enviable and contemporary cultures that attract and retain clients, candidates and most importantly colleagues.

Working very closely with nearly 25 different recruitment organizations across the UK operating in a variety of sectors, professional, commercial and industrial, initial introductions and recommendations have been forwarded to owners and directors from their trusted advisors, specifically, banks, accountants, trade associations.

LoveWorkLife’s influence in the growth and strategic development of its’ clients has resulted in significant increases in turnover and profits for several businesses.