Shaper: Oday Abbosh

Show aired on 6th December 2014


Oday Abbosh

Oday Abbosh graduated from Imperial College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering before qualilifying as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG. Oday then became the Global Managing Partner of Accenture’s Media & Entertainment business, where he worked on many world renowned entertainment brands across the world. Following that, he moved on to be the Global Managing Partner of Accenture’s Management Consulting business for the Comms, High Tech and Media industries. Finally, he ran Accenture’s Analytics business in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

With Better All Round, Oday wanted to conceive of and bring new innovative customer products to market , which add excitement to everyday household items. Better All Round’s first product, Ora, is a kitchen towel with a difference.

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You don’t wake up one day thinking I am going to innovate and design a new kitchen towel.

I have always been interested in design.

I have a huge respect for large organisations, but they typically lose agility and the abilty to innovate.

In 2012 my wife and I adopted our first child. I took a six month sabbatical from Accenture at the time and I entered this completely new life.

It’s all about the team, it’s all about the people.

We have some great friends and those friends have even better friends, so it was a case of people trying to help. It’s been terrific.

I feel very lucky that I am at home way more often now than I ever was before, so it’s worked well.

If you are trying to address new technological challenges then there is a whole part of the Government geared up to supporting you.

The next twelve to eighteen months or so are going to be very interesting let’s put it that way.