Shaper: Noel Josephides

Show aired on 19th November 2016


Noel Josephides

Noel is a founding partner of Sunvil; a travel agency and tour operator company based in Isleworth, London, established in 1970. He was  formerly Managing Director of Sunvil Holidays and since 2013,  has been the Chairman of Sunvil Group, which comprises of several companies including Sunvil Holidays.

Noel was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. He was first educated at a Junior School in the Cypriot capital before moving to the UK, where he attended boarding school at Ratcliffe College in Leicester. He then went on to study a bachelor’s degree at Leeds University focusing on Economics, Law and Accounting. Noel has had a long and varied career, including a role as an international trader at A&P Paraskevaides, an arm of a Cypriot construction company called J&P. He has also been Chairman of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) and Chairman of the Association of Greek Cypriot Travel Agents and Tour Operators (AGTA). Noel is also currently Chairman of ABTA, a leading association of travel agents and tour operators, providing expert travel advice, guidance, and resolving travel complaints; he has been in this position since July 2013.

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“I don’t think anyone seriously expected to end up being a tour operator, the job didn’t exist, it wasn’t a real job. So all of us got into the business by mistake…”

“…as you go along things will happen and you take a choice and sometimes that choice is wrong and sometimes that choice is right…”

“I suppose outwardly I am regarded as calm. What goes on inside of course is another matter.”

“The biggest challenge that we have as an industry is our environmental impact and making sure that we are doing the right thing.”

“There are a lot of questions that aren’t being answered at the moment and just the currency hit can put you out of business…it’s a very dangerous time to be around.”

“You have to grow because you have to give an incentive to the people who work for you and you will lose your good people if they realise that you are not ambitious.”

“I would really urge a lot of young people, no matter what business they are in, to begin to want to understand what’s going on…to appreciate the wider picture in their industry”

“I think we have to look further ahead and make sure that what we are doing is sustainable otherwise we will simply have ruined the very places that we derive our livelihoods from.”