Shaper: Niki Rein

Show aired on 3rd June 2017


Niki Rein

Niki Rein was born in Seattle. Until the age of 18, Niki played competitive football and enjoyed lifting weights at university, but found that she put on muscle easily and did not feel as feminine as she would have liked. She was then introduced to dance-based fitness, which changed her body shape and outlook. She has spent her professional life turning fitness into a lifestyle and for over a decade has been working with clients to improve their bodies through exercise, clean eating and healthy living. She began working in the fitness industry in 2000 when she started teaching yoga which subsequently led her to dance-based exercise.

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“…it was really scary because no one was charging the boutique model pricing. We count on clients coming to classes whereas the big gyms count on you not coming.”

“It turned out to be a success straight away and it’s been really fun to watch everyone’s bodies change so rapidly.”

“I know that boutique fitness and fitness in general has become quite the trend and we’re lucky to be riding that wave but the results we offer are real and if you show up you will see results.”

“I really would love to expand into Europe. I think there’s definitely a market there so that’s on the future horizon…”

“I’m a creative person, so I like to create new things. So as long as I can be creative I’ll be around because I do love the business.”

“I really believe in more of a positive psychology approach in the wellness industry. After all, you might as well try to have a good time along the way.”

“I have a very financially driven board so it has to be on the forefront of my mind all the time. But that was never my intention of starting the business.”

“We actually had a 50% ‘have to leave the room to go and throw up’ rate when men came in…”

“We’re a people business. If I don’t have amazing, happy instructors and front desk people I have nothing at all.”