Shaper: Nicola Horlick

Show aired on 4th October 2014

Transcript of the show

Nicola Horlick is the CEO Money & Co, Chairman Rockpool Investments LLP

Nicola read Jurisprudence at Balliol College, Oxford.  In 1983, she joined S.G. Warburg as a graduate trainee.  She worked with Leonard Licht, one of the leading fund managers in the City during the 1980s, and together, they built up the Specialist Equity team of what became Mercury Asset Management.  Nicola was appointed a director of Mercury in 1989.

In 1991, Nicola moved to Morgan Grenfell Asset Management and she was appointed Managing Director of the UK business in 1992.  Over the following five years, funds under management increased from £4 billion to £22 billion and Morgan Grenfell became recognised as one of the leading managers of UK pension funds.

In 1997, Nicola left Morgan Grenfell and set up SG Asset Management for the French bank, Société Générale.  The initial target for funds under management was £5 billion in five years.  This target was reached after two years and within three years, funds under management had reached £7 billion.

In 2004, Nicola set up Bramdean Asset Management LLP with Sir Derek Higgs and the business was launched at the beginning of 2005.  Bramdean ran a number of alternative investment mandates before selling the bulk of its business to Aberdeen Asset Management at the end of 2009.  Bramdean continued to create and structure innovative new investment vehicles, primarily for the film industry through Derby Street Films.  Nicola is also the Chairman of Rockpool Investments LLP, which raises private equity for companies, primarily using the Enterprise Investment Scheme.  The launch of Money & Co is a further attempt by Nicola to help small and medium enterprises in the UK access capital in order to grow.

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“Managing people is very much like being a mother. It is about setting parameters and making things clear to people and helping them with their hopes and aspirations and giving them guidance…”

“One thing that has actually really disappointed me is that over the 31 years that I have been in the City, I haven’t noticed many more women there.”

“It is quite a difficult environment, it’s quite aggressive and you do need to be tenacious in order to survive…”

“People used to refer to me in newspapers as the girl who had it all. That made me really angry because I had a child at the time who had Leukaemia…”

“With your own business, you literally never stop thinking about it.”

“I have got three whippets who I stroke a lot and that makes me feel happy.”

“We were moving offices recently and something went slightly wrong because the new office wasn’t ready on time and so we ended up in my house with a whole bank of desks.”

“There is probably a four billion pound gap between what is being lent to small and medium sized enterprises in this country and what is needed.”

“Everyone who meets me says ‘oh my goodness you are so different to how I imagined’, because they have an idea of what someone should be like if they work in the City”