Shaper: Moira Benigson

Show aired on 16th April 2016

Moira Benigson is the founder and managing partner of The MBS Group, a leading executive search and leadership advisory firm. The MBS Group works across all consumer-facing industries, including retail, consumer products and services, travel and leisure, fashion and luxury, and digital and tech. Clients from all over the world choose to work with MBS, and it is consistently ranked the highest specialist firm in its field. Best known for her creative appointments, Moira is a keen champion of women in business and sits on the judging panel for the prestigious Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award. She is also an advisor to the Serpentine Gallery.

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“I have never ever been interested in the financial side of the company.”

“I think what is really important is to be a curious person… to be interested in what other people are about.”

“When you run a business, a family business, it becomes an extension of your own family so you cannot separate the two really.”

“…they would say I am intense, I am absolutely dedicated and passionate about what I do and, in parts, quite inspirational.”

“I grew up in South Africa in very, very political times.”

“I have always been interested in people who are doing amazing things, disrupting the norm, challenging businesses…”

“I often say that we are recruiting in the next century and living in the past century.”

“I like bringing the pixie dust to the story but you need to back that up with solid, solid research.”

“I’d rather go and walk around the Serpentine Gallery looking at paintings and art than be sitting on a pile of money.”