Shaper: Melissa Morris

Show aired on 24th June 2017


Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris began her career at Lehman Brothers, where she was a Capital Markets Reporter (2005-2006). She was later an Analyst in the Investment Banking Division at Citi Bank (2007), and then a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company (2008-2010). She then worked as a Management Consultant/Strategy Analyst for the NHS. During her time at the NHS, she noticed that one of the biggest problems she faced was staffing – it would take a long time to find the right doctor for the right role. In 2012, she worked as an Adviser to the Clinical Commissioning Group at McKinsey & Company for five months.

Since August 2012, Melissa Morris has been CEO of Network Locum, a company based in Shoreditch. The platform allows self-employed locum doctors to find work at GPs’ practices and helps surgeries to find cover when they need it.

Network Locum was based on the advice of GPs and it works closely with a small team of doctors. The business has an app where a user can find work: locums are notified on their smartphones on any new job postings. The aim is to cut out recruitment agencies, thereby saving the NHS money.

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I was exposed to lots of problems and I never felt like I could get my hands on them. I got a little bit frustrated being in an advisory role – I really love seeing things through.

I really thought I wanted to be an investment banker.  I liked finance when I was at university and, in those days, being a banker was kind of cool.  When I actually experienced it I realised it wasn’t for me. The culture is aggressive and it’s difficult to enjoy what you’re doing when you’re low down the ladder.

I needed to raise some money so I ended up applying for this Sky TV game show – sort of like the Apprentice but in front of a studio audience.  I won the £100,000 prize but the deal wasn’t quite right for us so I turned the money down in the end.

City A.M. covered that I had turned down the money down and then ended up meeting some great angels who gave me the money I needed. It was a bit of an unorthodox journey but I don’t regret it.

If we were trying to start a business in this day and age when it’s so much more competitive in-tech we would probably have failed.

I made so many hiring mistakes, they’re the dangerous ones I think. You’ve just got to be nimble enough to change.

I’ve always had the feeling that this is going to work. It has to work.

Every man and his dog has got a business idea and people are leaving their day jobs in their droves.

I used to sneer at HR processes and things like that and now we have all of those – we’ve become a proper business.  So now it’s about me proving to myself that I can step up and I lead a proper business as well as muck in like I was before and keep energy levels high.

We’ve got such bright people working with us and they’re all driven by the same mission of improving healthcare. It’s a joy to go and see them every day.