Shaper: Matt Lumb

Show aired on 15th July 2017


Matt Lumb
Matt Lumb is Chief Executive and Director at Tangle Teezer.

Tangle Teezer is the world’s first and best-selling detangling hairbrush with twenty brushes now being sold every minute around the world. Pioneers in hair care, Tangle Teezer is creating a whole new category and achieving global recognition in a very short space of time.

Since Matt Lumb joined the company in 2010, sales have grown from £1m to almost £30m per annum, whilst retaining industry-leading profit margins.

The company now exports over 80% of its sales to 70 countries, has won two Queen’s Awards, and has been a Fast Track 100 Growth company for three consecutive years, as well as featuring in the top 20 of both Profit Track 100 and Export Track 100 for two consecutive years.

Matt has a strong background within accountancy, finance and operations and in 2015 was voted “Best Director – International Business” at the London and South East Institute of Director’s Awards. He was runner-up in the same category in the IoD National Awards.

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I had a pretty secure job up in the North West of England, a six month old baby, I had no plans to move to London whatsoever but I was drawn to him, there was something about him and the product…

It was a big leap, big leap of faith…but, you know, regret the things you’ve done not the things you haven’t.

We surrounded ourselves with, not rock stars, but the best people we could afford. We surrounded ourselves with people who are way better at what they do than we were.

Up until 2016 we didn’t spend a penny on the marketing. It was all word of mouth, it was all very organic. All of the celebrity endorsements …we’ve never paid for any of those. They’re just people who loved the product.

We were huge believers in empowerment and getting the right people in place. If they are not the right people then don’t waste your time or their time, just part ways as early as you can.

In 2010 we were selling roughly fifty thousand hairbrushes per month and we now sell eight hundred and fifty thousand hairbrushes per month.

…they buy it and they rave about it and they tell their friends about it because it works. We learned that we’ve got a fantastic net promoter score. We learned lots about the consumer emotion attached to our brand.

I’m a huge believer in the whole ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ type strapline. Culture has been absolutely key to what we’ve done; we’ve grown from two to fifty two with very little staff turnover.