Shaper: Mark Gallagher

Show aired on 15th April 2017


Mark Gallagher

Mark Gallagher is the Senior Partner and Founder of Pagefield, a London-based communications agency which he founded in 2010. Pagefield specialises in reputation and crisis management, campaigning and public affairs, regulatory affairs, bid support, stakeholder relations and public relations.

Mark has more than 20 years of experience in public and regulatory affairs, corporate public relations and campaigning, where his clients included the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant and Camelot. He was also Public Affairs Director for ITN, where he managed the company’s campaign to win the ITV News contract.

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“We launched about six years ago with zero clients and a couple of members of staff.  Me and two others in a little corporate squat in Golden Square.”

“…where’s the speed dial to the director of technology? There is no director of technology. There isn’t a chauffeur car waiting to collect you outside your front door in the morning as it did for many a year.”

“The biggest challenge for the first year is winning your first clients, getting a decent team set up and, crucially, making sure that your offer in what is a very competitive market is absolutely crystal clear.”

“Judgement, I think, is absolutely the number one criteria for successful communications and why people would buy the services of an agency like Pagefield. It’s all about judgement.”

“…they will not hold back if they think as a board that we are signing on a client that they just don’t like the smell of…”

“I come from a very modest family background. Dad started as a welder and mum worked in a pharmacy and they were very much an economic product of the 1980s…they took advantage of that spirit of entrepreneurism that Mrs Thatcher created and worked their way up…”

“I feel totally blessed. Wake up every morning, bounce out of bed. Look forward to going to work.”

” I feel very strongly about the fact that there are huge numbers of intelligent and talented and well-motivated people who work in public relations and in lobbying and they get a bad rep.”

” I was an out and proud Brexiteer and campaigned very vigorously to liberate Britain from the European Union. Far, far better to be clear and honest to your own principles which people admire even if they disagree with you.”