Shaper: Marcus Courage

Show aired on 21st May 2016


Marcus directs the africapractice Group, a London-headquartered, pan-African strategic advisory and communications consultancy with several international offices in Africa and Australia. He has fifteen years’ experience supporting African nations to attract investment and pursue preferential trade relationships. He has supplied strategic communications, advocacy and public diplomacy services to multilateral agencies and a dozen African governments, as well as many of the largest private-sector investors in Africa.

Prior to joining africapractice in 2003, Marcus was a Director and Head of International Government Affairs at one of the world’s largest strategic communications consultancies.

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“People all over the world had a warped impression of Africa. It was represented through stereotypes of famine, poverty, war, conflict…”

“…you can’t have poverty eradication and development without private capital, so Africa needed to attract private capital… and still does”

“I am a great believe in backing yourself. Do your homework, do your due diligence, understand the risks and the opportunities and continue to back yourself.”

“Do I have the full skill sets required to take this business from a business that employs 75 people to a business that employs 750 people? Perhaps not.”

“Passion has to be the principle motive for going to work each day.”

“…historically, audiences in Europe weren’t prepared to sit up and take note of the comments of a Nigerian President. Today, hopefully they are…”

“Many communities in Africa have to find solutions, it’s an imperative. They grow up with that imperative and it leads to fantastic innovation.”

“Good futures will be dependent on good leadership, and historically there has been absence of good leadership. But that’s changing.”