Shaper: Luke Lang

Show aired on 24th January 2015


Luke Lang

Luke Lang co-founded Crowdcube in February 2011. Crowdcube is the world’s first and most successful investment crowdfunding platform. It enables entrepreneurs to bypass the traditional business angel, venture capital or bank finance routes, giving them greater control and access to more investors. The company has amassed a community of more than 120,000 savvy investors, raising over £51 million of equity finance for 178 British business including easyProperty (raised £1.4 million), River Cottage (raised £1 million) and the Eden Project (raised £1.5 million in 24 hours).

Luke specialises in marketing and public relations and has professional qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). He has experience working in blue chip and start-up companies as well as running his own marketing consultancy.

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“In the UK we have funded more businesses than any other platform and raised more money than any other platform”

“I was always interested with the idea of starting up and setting up a business, and entrepreneurialism”

“There were a lot of people telling us this is possibly the worst time to be setting up a business…”

“…it was typical boot strapping. I often say that our boots were so well strapped that we could barely walk.”

“We got ten thousand pounds from my dad, ten thousand pounds from Darren’s dad… Once we had spent that money, we turned to our brothers and brothers-in-law…”

“We actually put Crowdcube on Crowdcube and raised our own money through our own platform.”

“Very quickly we went from ‘does this work?’ to ‘this works – blimey its really working’ to ‘crikey, this can really go somewhere…”

“When we said we wanted to democratise investment, we really really meant it…”

“As a co-founder you always feel that paternal sense of looking after your company and your brand and your employees”

“Innovation is kind of in the DNA of Crowdcube…”