Shaper: Liz Warom

Show aired on 6th January 2018


Liz Warom

Managing Director Liz Warom is co-owner & co-founder of Temple Spa alongside her husband and business partner Mark.

Liz launched her career whilst working for American brand Jafra Cosmetics. She became the company’s top consultant and manager, breaking international sales and recruitment records. After eight years, Liz left to try her hand at a very different type of cosmetic discipline. Working for Europe’s largest cosmetic manufacturer, she was appointed Senior Account Manager, in charge of a portfolio of prestigious clients. Her creation and management of The Body Shop Colourings account lead to her ultimately being head-hunted by founder Anita Roddick, when she became Global Brand Manager for the make-up division. Mark later joined the company. During their time, they re-launched the Colourings brand taking sales from £10m to £124m in just four years managing the trade in over 50 countries.

Liz and Mark created a concept for a top to toe cosmetic brand and decided to approach Sir Richard Branson with the idea and a ready-to-go business plan. Virgin Vie achieved £10m sales during the first year.

After running the company for three years, Liz and Mark decided to launch their very own brand: Temple Spa. After fifteen years in the market place, Temple Spa is established as a luxury lifestyle brand with exceptional products and experiences that restore skin, body and soul.

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“Having been married this long we always felt that there was a dream that one day we would be able to just work together and be one unit and heartbeat and create something fabulous.”

“The dream was always there, whilst I served other people’s dreams when I worked for them…”

“Because I didn’t choose an academic career, I realised that if I wanted to succeed in life I was going to have to make it happen.”

“… our Mediterranean diet made us both feel an awful lot better and I guess it was an epiphany moment.”

“I literally just said ‘well what do you think of the name Temple Spa?’ and, he being him, he immediately phoned trademark lawyers and registered the name. I was just like ‘oh my God, it was only an idea!’”

“I think all of us are just running a million miles an hour and if you want to be an ideas person and sort out your vision and where you are going, you absolutely need space to do that.”

“I am very grateful to people, I am quite a generous person so I hope that the emotion comes out in a very positive way.”

“I live with nervousness. It actually drives me. You know, that sense of dissatisfaction is I think a very positive thing and nervousness goes with the territory.”

“I had managed a very large team in Virgin, we had lots of people doing lots of things, and then all of a sudden you wake up and it’s the two of you and that’s a bit sobering.”