Shaper: Linda Pilkington

Linda Pilkington

Linda Pilkington grew up in the UK had a Saturday job at a tearoom where she learnt how to make ice cream. Her father Ralph was a German businessman who came over to the UK as a Jewish refugee, and mother Elizabeth was a radiographer at Old Trafford General Hospital. Linda left the UK at 18 to go travelling, exploring Africa and the Middle East, before moving to South America and eventually setting up a handful of ice-cream stalls in Buenos Aires and Cacupe, Brazil. In 2002, Linda had a chance meeting with a family friend who recalled her homemade candles and commissioned her to make a candle for Chanel. Linda recounts  her first invoice was for the legendary French fashion house, and thereafter Ormonde Jayne was born.

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“It was happenstance; a series of lucky events led to where we are today, but I am entrepreneurial and hardworking.”

“In the morning when I go for a little jog, I think through everything that is happening, and I am very grateful.”

“I get the natural feeling that I should give thanks out to the world. I’ve got a great company which I love working in & my children’s’ health. I promise I am going to be a good person.”

“We quite often have a little dance and jigs at the end of the night if we have had a particularly good day.”

“Everybody is very relaxed. You get the best out of your team when there is no hierarchy, we all make the tea, we all take the recycling out, it’s just like that.”

“When I was growing up I didn’t know my Father was a refugee, he kept that secret. It must have been very painful for him, because his story is tragic.”

“My Mother was a good time girl, and she would have a dance and whenever she would make the tea, she would always be singing ‘Tea for Two’, so I have her spirit.”

“I travelled all over the world, I met growers, met all sorts of people and they were growing beautiful ingredients like Sampaguita and they were extracting Lychee oil. I had the idea that Ormonde Jayne should be known for creating unusual perfumes.”

“Our philosophy is anybody who buys our perfume, anybody that comes into our shop; we have to treat them like an A1 celebrity.”

“I am the lowest paid person in the company. I self-fund, so all the money that has come into Ormonde Jayne I have put it back into Ormonde Jayne – I don’t have any outside investors.”