Shaper: Kevin O’Sullivan

Kevin O’Sullivan – Founder & CEO

Kevin is the architect of the technology solutions being offered today by Open Destinations. He set up the company in 1999 and built it to be one of the leading travel technology companies focused on Tour Operators in the world. The company is still privately owned and has over 500 employees in its two principle locations – London and India. Prior to founding Open Destinations in 1999, Kevin was the Managing Director of Tourplan and E-commerce Consultant for First Call Tickets. He spent five years as Group IT Manager in Tourism International, a large multi-site/multi-sector tour operator and hotel group. Kevin started his career in travel as a writer with Rough Guides.

“I think software is a creative thing.”

“You can sit there for hours developing, designing something and then come out with something that other people can use.”

“Once I knew that I could develop things and I could create things that people wanted, it seemed like a natural extension to set up a business.”

“I was confident that I could create something that people could buy.”

“You soon learn when businesses start expanding that you need to get people in place to help you.”

“Technology is a very detailed type of business.”

“Technology is all to do with understanding what the customer wants.”

“Money isn’t the main motivator really.”

“Music gives you a kind of tranquillity…it’s a bit like meditation.”

“I like the creativity of playing music.”