Shaper: Kelly Hoppen

Show aired on 24th December 2016


Kelly Hoppen MBE

Kelly Hoppen is a Designer, Entrepreneur, Author and Educator. She has 40 years’ experience in the interior design industry and is founder of Kelly Hoppen Interiors Ltd. During her career, Kelly has designed the homes, yachts and jets of private clients and her clients include Pearl Motor Yachts and British Airways. In 2014, Kelly launched her affordable luxury e-commerce site,, selling a variety of homeware products and accessories

Alongside her interior design ventures, Kelly is a serial author. To date, she has published ten books, including her latest, ‘House of Hoppen’, a 40-year retrospective, released in October 2016.

Kelly is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and sits on its committee. She is also an ambassador for the Government’s GREAT campaign, which aims to promote the UK internationally as a GREAT place to visit, study and do business. Kelly is a supporter of the Lady Garden, which raises awareness of female cancers; and Diana Award, which supports young people.

In 2016, Kelly joined BBC Two’s “The Great Interior Design Challenge” as a judge on the show – due to air in early 2017.

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“At sixteen-and-a-half I started a business and, literally, for forty years I have been doing it”

“I still bounce out of bed at 6.00am and go for a run and I go into the studio. It amazes me that sometimes in interviews people say, ‘so how often do you go to your office?’ and I am like, what do they think I do?”

“I didn’t fit in at school at all. I was very badly bullied.”

“I have this brain where I can design right now in my head a room in 3D and I can move things around in it before I’ve even put it on paper. I can see it, I can scan a space, it’s kind of the magic I was born with. It is a really lucky tool.”

“Even though I have a really large company I still see it as a baby company…and so I try and run the business in a way that it is just a big family.”

“In the times that I have had tragedy in my life… I have literally thrown myself into my business. It is the one thing that has never let me down.”

“If you are not confident and you don’t believe in what you are doing, you are constantly looking for an answer and then you can never be creative.”

“I am in a position now where I can kind of choose the things that really excite me and I love challenges, I like things that are not easy”

“My diary is the menace in my life. It is like a Rubik’s Cube. My diary is planned until April next year. That’s the thing I hate about my life.”