Shaper: Joana De Noronha

Show aired on 2nd March 2019

Joana De Noronha is Co-Founder, Partner and Commercial Director at fashion brand Borgo De Nor. Thirteen years ago Joana worked for the Belgium fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, where she says with no fashion experience and no knowledge of fashion ‘my boss to be still thought I was worth a try’. She became their international sales manager and later worked for Heidi Klein. In 2013 she founded Barefoot Chic, a London fashion showroom and consultancy specialising in designer resort wear. Borgo De Nor was founded in 2016 by Joana and her partner, Carmen Borgonovo, when they saw a gap in the market for feel good dresses that can transition from the City to the holiday. The brand reflects their eclectic upbringing, spanning Portugal, Rio de Janeiro, El Salvador and Miami and each dress is named after fictional or real women including artist Lenora Carrington, writer Zelda Fitzgerald and dance pioneer Loie Fuller.

“We are women that are fearless, that are not scared of making a statement, of walking into a room and being noticed.”

“Most importantly we love to wear things that we feel comfortable in but still feel pretty.”

“We are self-starters…I always tell my kids, reach for the stars, nothing is impossible.”

“We are go getters, we go and get it and so we did.”

“The more I have to do and the more I’ve got on my plate, the more I thrive.”

“We are very inspired by women that are equally independent and fearless.”

“There is always a story to be told behind our prints.”

“Our prints are intellectual, they are not just commercial.”

“Being a creator is a fabulous feeling, it is incredibly fulfilling…you are leaving your mark on this world.”

“We are very good at bringing ideas to the table and thinking of what’s the next step, what’s the next category we are going to launch.”

“We are one of the few brands that had done so well both from a commercial and business point of view as well as creative.”

“We can’t forget that this is a business and I think that that has always been present.”