Shaper: Jeremy Hackett

Show aired on 4th June 2016


Jeremy Hackett is Chairman of Hackett and is one of the original founders of the company.

Jeremy’s appreciation of clothes started at an early age as his father worked in the textile  furnishings  business. His first weekend job was in a tailor’s shop in Bristol and this initiation into retail led him to move to London to a full-time job at the age of 18. Jeremy worked for the menswear chain, Village Gate, in London before moving to work for John Michael in Savile Row for five years. He met Ashley Lloyd-Jennings whilst dealing in the second-hand clothes market and this partnership led to the conception of Hackett, the gentleman’s outfitters.

In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys browsing round markets such as Portobello in Notting Hill, looking  for vintage clothes or pieces to decorate his home. Interiors are his passion and his home has been featured in many magazines and on TV. His style is simple, which is echoed in the first Hackett shops –uncluttered, white walls and elegant furnishings.

Today, Jeremy Hackett continues to have ‘hands-on’ involvement in the business and a week rarely goes by in which he is not to be found serving a customer in at least one of the shops. He is as an ambassador for the brand at many of its global events, often held to celebrate the opening of a new Hackett shop.  Jeremy also has an active involvement within the styling and presentation of the brands seasonal brochure and look book photo shoots.

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“My father said to me, ‘if you don’t pull your socks up, you’ll end up working in a shop’. Fortunately, that’s exactly what happened.”

“As a five year-old, I had my first suit made and I was probably quite precocious and said ‘this is the sort of cloth I want and those are the pockets I want’…”

“I grew up in an environment of cloth and tailoring.”

“We didn’t have a financial director. Ashley and I were both more creative than financial and I think that was probably the mistake.”

“What you can sell in Germany, you may not be able to sell in Italy or what you can sell in China, you can’t sell in South America…”

“The excellence of a brand is that you have a point of view.”

“If I ever pass a second-hand shop, I am in there. It’s the thrill of the chase, you never know what you are going to find.”

“…at the time I never thought about whether it was easy or difficult. I just got on with it.”