Shaper: Jeff Lynn

Jeff Lynn is CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, Europe’s number one equity crowdfunding platform. Seedrs is creating the world-leading marketplace for the equity for start-ups and growth businesses. It lets investors invest as little or as much as they like in businesses they believe in, and entrepreneurs raise capital and build community – all through a simple, online process.

Jeff began his career as a corporate lawyer with Sullivan & Cromwell LLP in New York and London. In addition to his work with Seedrs, he was founding Chairman of The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), a non-profit advocacy group for digital start-ups and SMEs; and he serves as a non-executive director of Companies House, the UK government agency responsible for company registrations, filings and data.

Listen live at 9am Saturday.

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“Having a few hundred people who all now have a vested interest in your success can be really useful when you are trying to acquire your first customers.”

“…we had a vision, we believed in what we were doing and we just were going to keep banging our heads against the wall until we made it happen.”

“As an entrepreneur … there is much more freedom to say ‘I don’t know’ “

” I think one of the great successes I have achieved personally has been, somehow or another, I managed to persuade some really, really talented people to come work for us.”

“…rare are the situations where I say ‘I am the CEO so we are doing it this way’ “

” One point I have made many times is not only have I never been a CEO before but I have never actually seen a good CEO in action.”

” I find myself at thirty eight and running a company that’s growing well but still kind of figuring a lot of this out and you know, I think that’s part of being an entrepreneur.”

” I think that diversity of background is one of the most useful things in a creative growth driven business.”