Shaper: Jamie Fuller

Show aired on 18th June 2016


Jaimie Fuller is an Australian businessman who is Executive Chairman of the international sports compression wear company, SKINS (

A passionate sports fan, he is committed to the SKINS ethos of ‘Fuelling the True Spirit of Competition’ as a central platform of its brand identity. This was illustrated in 2010 when SKINS withdrew their sponsorship of Australian National Rugby League club Melbourne Storm after the club was found guilty of systematically cheating the league’s salary cap to gain an advantage over rival teams.

In 2012, Jaimie founded the international pressure group, Change Cycling Now (CCN). The move was inspired by the growing international criticism of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and its handling of cycling’s doping issues including the Lance Armstrong scandal. The group included three times Tour de France winner Greg LeMond and investigative journalists David Walsh and Paul Kimmage and added to the global debate on the future of cycling and its governing body.

In 2013, Jaimie established the anti-doping campaign, #ChooseTheRightTrack. This campaign was delivered in combination with a new SKINS platform, Pure Sport ( which celebrates and promotes the true values of sport free from corruption and drugs. The campaign was a result of a series of discussions between Jaimie and former Olympic 100 metre champion Ben Johnson about workable options to eradicate doping in sport.

In 2014, Jaimie co-founded the movement and campaign #NewFIFANow to reclaim football by calling out and eradicating the serial allegations of corruption and unacceptable governance practises dogging the sport

Following an inaugural forum of stakeholders in the European Parliament in January 2015, Jaimie declared SKINS an ‘Official Non-Sponsor’ of FIFA in light of the vastly divergent values of SKINS and FIFA.

Jaimie is a regular commentator on integrity in sport and sports governance issues. He blogs regularly at

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“I was bored out of my brain doing what I was doing before, both in printing and in property development.”

“Imagine going to Manchester United and making them pay not just to wear your product but to be seen to be wearing your product.”

“When I bought the business I bought it in two hours. I had a meeting with the original founder. I left. I sat in my car and rang him and said, ‘look, let’s cut the crap, you are evidently in trouble’.”

“Great brands have got values, great brands believe in something.”

“I was introduced to an underworld of people who actively championed and lobbied for reform in sport.”

“Everything has been justified in my mind through our publicly proclaimed values of fuelling the true spirit of competition. It’s not a tag line, it’s not a campaign: it forms the foundation of things like our sponsorship strategy.”

“I’ve always had this very naïve belief in sport and what sport means.  My sporting ability is inversely proportional to my passion…”

“People think that you can either do it ethically or you can make money. You can do both.”

“It is so incredibly disappointing that the biggest brands in the world are silent when so much of what’s going on is obvious.”

“We will get there, there is no question. We are convinced that if we do it right then success will come.”