Shaper: James Hind

Show aired on 11th February 2017


James Hind

James Hind is co-founder and CEO of carwow, ‘the easiest way to buy a car on line’. After studying Finance at the University of Nottingham, James spent time interning at Midas Capital in the city in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, which put him off that career for life. He worked as a ski instructor for a season before finally launching carwow.

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I interned at a fund management company… I spent three months there and realised pretty quickly that that wasn’t the path that I wanted to do

We realised pretty quickly that while helping people chose which car to buy was a problem to solve, actually helping someone to buy a car is a far bigger problem

I didn’t know anything about running a business so I read a huge amount of books, listened to podcasts, asked people for advice, constant learning all the way through

I did study finance at university but it hasn’t been applicable or useful so far

Talk to other entrepreneurs because everyone is going through the same thing. Some of them won’t admit it but they are

The market is important and the product’s important but, particularly in the very early stages, it’s the people

We really struggled to raise investment for the first year or so and I think it is because we just weren’t telling a very compelling story

Helping more consumers buy their cars, helping them find great dealers… that’s what we are really passionate about and we are not going to stop any time soon