Shaper: Itay Talgam

Show aired on 13th June 2015


A protégé and disciple of the great Leonard Bernstein, Itay Talgam has conducted many prominent orchestras and ensembles worldwide, including the Orchestre de Paris, the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the Israel Philharmonic, and the Leipzig Opera House. He also teaches leadership to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and universities, and at conferences around the world, including TED, Google’s Zeitgeist, and the World Economic Forum at Davos. His book The Ignorant Maestro is published by Penguin.

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“…these people are not there to be imitated. For me, they are like the Gods of the Greek Pantheon – they are archetypes of ways of actually making a difference in the world.”

“The only way to get the full cooperation of people is to give them ownership to work together towards their own emancipation as artists.”

“I sincerely believe that in business, just like in music, you can have those golden moments and if you think it is going to happen all the time, you are going to be frustrated.”

“I still like very much to be able to move my hand and get a wonderful roar from an orchestra.”

“…dissociate yourself from your own knowledge…. create a space for other people to come up with new thoughts.”

“You have to bring everything that you have – you have to bring your loves, your experience of suffering, your joys and of course, also your expertise.”

“No matter who I meet in terms of where they come from, senior or less senior, or in business, or industry, or education or…people need the same things basically.”

“You have to take responsibility for your side of the dialogue, and the wider the scope of human experience that you bring, the better the connection.”

“Music for me was always a kind of tool to connect people.”