Shaper: Frederic Court

Frederic Court

Frederic Court attended Bocconi University in Milan and then the ESSEC Business School in Paris. He is fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish and resides in London with his wife and children. He has held various investor positions at companies including: YELP, a search and review site; Vivendi, a media and content businesses; Ubiquisys, a developer of 3G for residential, enterprise and public access networks; and Olapic Inc, a visual marketing platform that turns consumer-generated photos and videos into brand assets. Frederic is an Investor and Board Member at The Business of Fashion, a next generation media company that focuses on the global fashion industry and describes himself as “a man who has always liked shopping“. He is focused on his 2014 founded company, Felix Capital, a venture capital firm for the Creative Class that focus on digital lifestyle, brands and related enabling-technologies.

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“I am an investor because I love doing what I do and it’s really what suits me well. I think I haven’t been too bad at it.”

“I saw the emergence of disruption and transformation to the internet and the business opportunities. It was absolutely fascinating and that led me to start my own company.”

“I moved to New York which was a lot of fun and hard work. I was in my late twenties and wanted to have a go at starting something new. We changed the way the textile industry works by making an online market place.”

“I put my own money into the business and raised capital. I worked on the board with a couple of venture firms and that’s how I first got exposed to venture capital.”

“Every entrepreneur is trying to do something that is very difficult, almost impossible. You have to be a contrarian and try to do something that’s not obvious, and unless you are motivated by enormous amounts of passion and ambition it’s very difficult.”

“One thing that struck me is that Europe had seen the birth of some of the most impressive and influential digital fashion and commerce companies in the world.”

“I started to focus areas which I understood and also increasingly where I had an angle or even an interest for.”

“I listen to podcasts all the time, I read a lot, and we are currently researching opportunities to invest in the consumer world that can be in front of us at any point in time.”