Shaper: Frank Meehan

Show aired on 4th April 2015


Frank Meehan

Frank is a Partner at SparkLabsGlobal Ventures and is the Co-founder and CEO of, an online platform for entrepreneurs. Prior to this, he represented Horizons Ventures (HK) on multiple boards, including Spotify and Siri. He also founded Kuato Studios, a leading educational games studio, and INQ Mobile which was an early pioneer in mobile internet, winning Best Handset at Mobile World Congress 2009.

Frank joined Hutchison Whampoa in 2001, where he was responsible for the technical integration of the first 3G(WCDMA) networks around the world, launched under the Three(3) brand in multiple countries in 2003. He then ran the Three Groups’ global handset business, and developed and launched a range of products (Skypephone and INQ1), which pioneered mobile and internet communications.

Frank was selected as part of the 2012 Wired UK Top 100 in tech, and Vanity Fair’s The Next Establishment list 2010.

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My parent’s place was a bit chaotic and there were books everywhere. I wanted to catalogue things and get some order, so I started writing little databases on the computer. Then I started a computer club at school in the late 80s.

My first job after University was as a coder with Erikson in Sweden, they sent me all over the world, hacking into telephone systems and doing interesting experiments for Governments. It was great fun.

There are hundreds of millions of people out there thinking of joining or doing start-ups around the world –we wanted to figure out how we reach that smart kid in Shanghai or down in Africa or over in Eastern Europe.

We try and give people the right answer at the right time.

People are going to be trying out different things and learning but you can see the ones who do really well are the ones who pick up multiple skills along the way.

I think Mark Zuckerberg has done an amazing job with Cheryl in terms of running Facebook well.

Just get the right people.

I try to make a really simple rule when I am investing.  I like to invest in things that people will use every day.

I have always had an amazing bunch of people working on things, moving things around, keeping things under operational control.

When you’ve got a company that’s growing fast and you have to move fast to go with the flow, you need to be ruthless.