Shaper: Erik Samuelson

Show aired on 7th May 2016


Erik Samuelson was born in Sunderland in 1948. He gained a BSc in Metallurgy from Nottingham Uni, before switching paths to qualify as an accountant with Deloitte. Through various mergers, Erik then ended up becoming a Partner in PwC.

He helped establish AFC Wimbledon from what was Wimbledon FC, and was Finance Director from May 2002 – April 2007, when he was appointed CEO. This is a voluntary role of enormous importance to Erik.

He and his wife Eileen have two boys, Pieter and John.

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“A football club should be rooted in its community, you can’t just pick it up and move it sixty or seventy miles and leave it the same.”

“…inadvertently, I was extremely well trained for the job that I took on.”

“There are some ownership issues in football which are really unfortunate.”

“You look at the football league a hundred years ago, how many of those clubs still exist? Almost all of them.”

“How do we retain the culture, the incredibly patient and understanding and reasonable culture we have around our football club?”

“I promised my wife two things: one is I would not spend all my time at the club; and two, I would not invest my pension in it. I lied about the first one.”

“There was an appalling wrong done to the community of fans of Wimbledon, and the community in which it resided.”

“We’ll get to Wembley and once we get to Wembley, of course we’ll win.”