Shaper: Emily Orton

Show aired on 10th December 2016


Emily Orton

Emily Orton is co-founder and Head of Marketing at Darktrace. She has been at the company since 2013. Emily started her career at EMAP, a content, subscription and networking business. From 2009-2012, she was European Marketing Manager at Autonomy, a multinational software company owned by Hewlett-Packard. She was subsequently a senior associate at Invoke Capital, a technology investment and advisory company.

Emily studied French and Spanish at Cambridge University.

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Darktrace is using very sophisticated mathematics and machine learning to solve this incredibly difficult and not necessarily solvable problem of cyber security. It is a very, very difficult challenge.

I think it is true to say that it is not conventional for humanities or more creative types to naturally think of technology as a sector to go into.

We have some of the best technology in the world here in Europe and here in the UK but if we are not translating it to the market then we are kind of missing a trick.

The whole point of Darktrace is it can see very subtle, stealthy threats. We are not talking about your basic stuff that you might be able to catch with an antivirus, we are talking about insider threats, for example.

It’s such a critical issue, it’s not just for Governments, it’s for every single business – small or large – so it’s good to be able to offer something that is new in this area and that can help that defence challenge.

We have a very entrepreneurial spirit in that we like to work fast… we have a very young team.

Cyber security is obviously very topical at the moment so that adds an element of interest and I think it is not an over statement to say this is a critical international issue.

Speaking to customers is the most satisfying thing to do really.