Shaper: Dominic Smales encore

Dominic Smales

After spending 15 years in media, production and advertising Dominic Smales set up Gleam Futures initially to help online communities connect for mutual benefit. This has evolved now into purely managing ‘Social Talent’, a term coined by Gleam to describe a group of individuals who have achieved the kind of reach and influence on social media platforms usually associated with traditional celebrity or media ownership. Gleam look after the very top tier of online super influence in the UK primarily in the entertainment and lifestyle area. The joint reach of the top 10 talent on Gleam Futures Roster delivers over 21m subscribers on YouTube and have clocked up over 1.1 billion views  so far.

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“Starting the business…was about wanting to just work with something that I am really interested in and passionate about, on my own terms.”

“It’s a very different business than it was eight years ago, but it is a very different industry than it was eight years ago.”

“I think an important point to make is that this talent, or some of this type of talent, aren’t out and out entertainers, they are content creators who are also really savvy digital media entrepreneurs.”

“There are new challenges every week and every six months there are different business challenges to get our heads round and we have to change and change to take advantage of that, and to survive as well.”

“I took an approach of looking for partners that would complement the business, not people that did the same thing as we already did but on a bigger scale, but people that understood what we did, and the value of it, but had something new to bring to the table in terms of enhancing the business.”

“I am a big believer in wanting to do business with people that you get on with, and like and share the same values as you and have the same vision as you have.”

“I am very proud of the fact that Gleam Futures has set out in 2010 to be the best in class, and throughout these years we have focused hard on making sure we are always associated with quality.”

“You come to Gleam Futures for the best practice and best quality that you can get.”

“We have witnessed all of those risks and problems and crisis and navigated through them and now have steps in place and processes in place to try and guard against anything like that happening again.”

“I think compliance and safety is a very good thing and I think we should all be working towards the internet becoming a safer and more responsible place, but I also think that the internet, is somewhere where there is a lot more freedom to be creative in different ways and it doesn’t need to have the kind of levels of regulation that are available in some broadcast medias for example.”