Shaper: Dominic List

Show aired on 3rd January 2015


Dominic List

Dominic List, Chairman, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist.  Having already transformed the commercial success of several companies, Dominic List founded Comtact in 2005 and following success in the healthcare space went onto form Comtact Healthcare in 2006.  In Comtact’s brief history it has scored success in the Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100, Deloitte Fast 50 UK and 500 EMEA and National Business Awards.  Creating two technology companies worth £10 million+ in just four years led to an approach to take part in Channel 4s, The Secret Millionaire.

Dominic invests a lot of his personal time to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs – “Make Britain Great” a philosophy close to his heart.

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At four years old I did my first deal. I put a sign at the end of our drive which said ‘bike for sale up this drive.

Have I found it easy? Absolutely not. As in life, you get out what you put in and I just got out there and made my own luck.

I didn’t find working at a sewage factory enjoyable, but it forced me to go and do other things in life and find out what I did enjoy doing.

I started out working for other people and noticed that lots of companies spend way too much time and money getting their IT to work. We deliver what’s important to the business, getting those business applications to just work. That’s what businesses want.

If you take the view that it’s big and scary you’ll never do it.  At some point, you have got to stand at the end of the diving board and just jump off.

I would find conversations frustrating when people said, “it’s great you run your own business so you can take Friday’s off”. I was like, “no, actually I’m working all weekend and I work ’till 12.00 o’clock at night and I’m back in the office at 7.00 in the morning” – that’s the reality of getting your business off the ground.

I think the UK market is absolutely transformed and I am really happy about it. I am a big advocate and sponsor and I do everything I can to encourage entrepreneurship in the UK.

When business started to really take off, I just had this feeling that I was put on this earth to do more than just be successful in my own right. I had this very strong inner feeling that I should be doing something more to add value in a broader sense.

To people who want to set up their own business: absolutely go for it.