Shaper: Diane Young

Show aired on 23rd January 2016


Diane Young co-owns The Drum – an outlet covering marketing, advertising, design and digital news – and its associated companies. She was PPA UK Publishing Innovator of the Year 2014-15.

The Drum website is visited by 1 million people every month with 30% of those coming from outside the UK. At the same time, it is are producing more print and revenues are rising. The Drum Works & The Drum Studios support brands to produce content, and they’ve just opened our New York office.

Dianne Young is am married to Gordon Young, editor of The Drum. They have a son and two daughters.

The Drum is in the City AM Leap 100 of fast growth businesses.

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“We are very interested in how tech is changing the way that brand messages can be put across to audiences.”

“…nobody knew what to do with a mathematician at that point really.”

“…one day I realised that if anything was going to get better, I had to get better at what I was doing in the business.”

“Over the years I think I have become better at doing the ‘right side of the brain’ stuff as well.”

“…in my school careers library you could be a nurse or a doctor or a lawyer…anything that had a professional title. Nobody ever said you could start a business.”

“The other issue in magazine publishing is that every time you finish a publication, you have to start again.”

“We were spending a lot of time on things that weren’t really scalable, and that’s mugs work really.”

“I think the key to The Drum is that we create content that we really believe people want to see.”

“It is such a thrilling thing to do, run your own business, when you are doing it well. Maybe not so thrilling when you are not doing it well.”