Shaper: Debbie Wosskow

Show aired on 10th January 2015


Debbie Wosskow

Debbie Wosskow is an entrepreneur, investor and Sharing Economy expert.  CEO of leading peer-to-peer travel club, Love Home Swap, Debbie is also the Founder of the influential Collaborative Consumption Europe network and is currently leading the UK government’s review into the Sharing Economy.

A former management consultant, she launched her first business, marketing and communications consultancy Mantra, at the age of just 25. Building Mantra over a decade, Debbie sold to the Loewy Group.

Debbie is a regular commentator on travel, collaborative consumption and entrepreneurship on TV and in print and sits on a number of advisory boards, as well as being a trustee of Hampstead Theatre.  She graduated with an MA in Philosophy and Theology from New College, Oxford University and lives in London with her two children.

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“One of the ways that I described the business is it’s a bit like a B&B for grown-ups”

“I have never been around people who went to work every day for someone else. Everyone in my family runs businesses.”

“…in that intake at Oliver Wyman of twenty or so people, I was the only girl, I was the only arts graduate and I wasn’t very good at the job relative to my peers. In fact, I was the worst.”

“I think what I really learnt about that time is that people will back entrepreneurs with balls…”

“I didn’t know anything about anything really, but I had a phone and a reasonably good address book.”

“I think if you can train yourself to be an early riser then you can fit it all in.”

“…the sort of secret shame of those early years was that whilst turnover scaled very very quickly, profitability did not…”

“…it is something that I had the idea for on a flight, after having watched a film, and to me that’s very satisfying.”

“It was quite good experience to spend a few years being quite rubbish at something.”

“If you feel like every day you have tried to be the best you can be, then that’s a reason to bounce out of bed the next morning.”