Shaper: Daniel Robey

Show aired on 14th April 2018


Daniel Robey

Daniel Robey graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997 with a first class honours in Interactive Multimedia & Design. He was Director of Digital at Empire Design until 2004, where he then founded and became CEO of Think Jam, in London. Think Jam is an award-winning digital creative and PR agency which services UK, US and international clients, in the film, TV, arts, gaming and publishing sectors, and was founded as a result of Daniel’s passion for entertainment and his desire to evolve the practice of marketing films. In 2013, Daniel studied Business at Harvard Business School, where he enrolled on the Owner President Management programme. In 2017, he was asked to join the Board of the British Independent Film Awards, and he is also a regular judge of Eurobest, a festival and awards that celebrate the best in European creativity. His passion for the disruption of marketing practices has seen him invited to participate in numerous panels and events, including the Youth Marketing Conference, where he has sought to instil his commitment for digital innovation in a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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“I’ve done a bit of everything, which I think is important when you are running a business. You’ve got to know all parts of the whole and experience each one of those.”

“A creative agency and comms agency can’t survive without energy, excitement, innovation, change and without trying to disrupt.”

“We are changing stuff. We are innovating. We are trying to push clients. We’re making mistakes but we’re trying again and nothing is ever perfect.”

“We have lots of different people from different backgrounds with lots of skills which I think is important. I sometimes call us Glee Club, with clear reference to the show.”

“We are not trying to be cookie cutters; everyone needs to come with a different background, interest, energy or passion, which makes up the whole.”

“People learn by mistakes, and I hope they know that they are surrounded by people who will protect, educate, help and guide them to get to the right places.”

“I like to see people flourish and drive and make them feel… I hope that they feel like part of the business.”

“I like asking awkward questions, I like challenging people, I like coming at things left field, I like mixing things up, I like saying things that are testing.”