Shaper: Daniel Gandesha

Show aired on 13th August 2016


Daniel Gandesha
Founder and CEO of Property Partner, Daniel’s career has been dedicated to financial services and investment. He qualified as a chartered accountant while working at KPMG and is an FCA approved person. Prior to founding Property Partner, he served as Head of Commercial Development and Startup Investments at BSkyB, responsible for equity investments in, and commercial deals with, technology start-up companies.

Property Partner is a stock exchange for residential property, allowing anyone to invest in individual residential properties, with as much or as little as they like. Investors will own a share, receive rental income, and realise capital gains if property prices rise. They can also trade their holdings on a secondary exchange. The letting and management of the properties is carried out on behalf of investors.

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“I stayed up every night and just carried on developing the idea. I got into work on the Monday and resigned my job…”

“…in that week I spent a lot of time with a lot of different law firms and realised that it was legally possible.”

“You think: when I retire, what would I regret more? Would it be not doing it, or would it be the financial risk? At that point it was pretty clear what decision I needed to make.”

“The reality is that there are lots of stressful moments and I think one of the biggest things is trying to combine home life and work life.”

“…an entrepreneur’s job is to solve problems and, chances are, the business you are building is a much harder problem to solve than raising the capital.”

“…it really was just focusing on the problem at hand which was ‘how do we allow the world to invest in property in this totally new way?'”

“Typically I wake up in the night with a few ideas that I jot down…this is just life in a start-up, it’s your passion, it’s not a job and it’s 24/7”

“You’ve got to enjoy the journey of building a company because it continues for years and years and years.”