Shaper: Daniel Galvin

Show aired on 5th December 2015


Daniel Galvin OBE is a British hair colourist who owns the Daniel Galvin brand, which incorporates London’s largest independent salon, franchised salons, and trademark licencing agreements. Daniel is known for his celebrity clientele and is world renowned for his expertise in hair colour.

Daniel started his career in the early 1960’s as an apprentice; this is when he first became fascinated by hair colour and its power to transform the way we look. He started experimenting with colour, using various formulas and created his own colour charts in the process. Soon his artist’s eye caught the attention of both Vidal Sassoon and Leonard Lewis who invited Daniel to work at their respective salons. Daniel chose Leonard because of the bespoke hair colouring department that he wanted to make his mark within. Within just three short months Daniel was made top hair colourist and a year later his efforts were rewarded when he was made director of the company. From the 1970’s Daniel started working on films including such classics of the era as Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, Murder on the Orient Express, The Other Side of Midnight, Revolution, First Night and more recently such films as Eyes Wide Shut, Basic Instinct, Iron Lady, Moulin Rouge, War Horse and Pirates of the Caribbean to name just a few.

In 1977, Daniel left Leonard to open his first salon on George Street in Marylebone, the same street where he can be found to this day and houses 120 employees. During the 1980’s Daniel was head hunted by HOYU to introduce professional hair colour in Japan and the Far East, it is said he is now the man responsible for some 32 million Japanese women now colouring their hair. After decades of recognition and awards, he achieved the ultimate accolade in 2006 by being awarded an OBE for his contribution to hair colour and the industry.

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“I am not one of those guys that, when you go to a party, ends up talking about the rugger and the football… I get involved with the ladies talking about their hair.”

“I wanted to run before I could walk. I wanted to do these incredible way-out styles before I could even put a roller in.”

“I love it. I love it so much. I have just got so much passion for, you know, doing hair.”

“It started with my grandfather who worked for probably the oldest hairdressing salon in the world…when he did hair, he had to wear a top hat, tails and white cotton gloves.”

“The first place I didn’t get a job, they said: ‘why do you want to go into ladies hairdressing?’ and I said, ‘ I hear there is a lot of money in it.’ Didn’t get that one.”

“Everyone said, ‘opening a salon specialising in colour – it’s not going to work.’ I put my house up as security and I was a really nervous guy for the first two or three years.”

“I’d mix two or three colours up and I would put it on their hair and I would see the hair actually change colour and that to me was complete magic.”

“They say I am the guy that is responsible, in a nice way, for 60 million Japanese colouring their hair.”