Shaper: Cleo Rocos

Show aired on 17th June 2017


Cleo Rocos

Cleo Rocos was born in Rio de Janeiro and started her professional career in television where she co-starred The Kenny Everett Show. She also co-starred in a number of TV shows both in the UK and the US, including the comedy, Assaulted Nuts and the detective series, Tropical Heat.

In addition to TV and cinema, in 2000, Cleo wrote and performed her comedy one woman show, Minky; the show, The Seven Year Itch at the London’s West End; as well as the luxury travel series, Cleo Worldwide. In 2001, Cleo also produced and presented a documentary on the events and stories behind the wedding and making of Princess Diana’s wedding dress.

Cleo sang a duet with Marc Almond live at the Royal Albert Hall for his “12 Years of Tears Tour” filmed for the BBC and released on DVD; participated in Celebrity Big Brother in 2007 in the UK; and competed in Britain’s Best Celebrity Chef in 2009. In 2011, she also competed in Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

She is also an author of her biography “Bananas Forever” and has written several travel special reports for This Morning.

In 2012 Cleo launched her own premium tequila brand, called AquaRiva and made from 100% Blue Weber agave. She has since been described as “the most influential woman in the world of tequila”.

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“Working with Kenny was sort of like walking into a giant cartoon. There were no real rules. Today it’s just so dreary with the rules and all the political correctness.”

“..quite often we would go for lunch and have a few, a little bit of internal illumination, and we would teeter on becoming over-refreshed and all the ideas would come pouring out.”

“I said ‘what is she drinking?’ because she was having a good time, and he said ‘well she’s drinking tequila’. And I said ‘well she can’t be, she’s had six or seven now, she would be dead.'”

“I entered it into a competition called which is the world’s biggest tequila competition in the States. It’s a blind judging and it was awarded ‘best of the best’ out of 257 tequilas.”

“I know this is really uncool to say and I know most people avoid it, but factually I could not have done my business without the immense support from HSBC.”

“I am so used to carrying tequila with me, I have always got a bottle in my handbag.”

“I am absolutely fastidious that my brand is really, really clean…so much stuff is cut with other things that you don’t know quite what you’re getting.”

“Don’t over analyse it. Don’t try to fit in. I couldn’t fit in if I tried. I would just say go with your passion, go with an absolute passion and a drive and that will take you places.”

“I just don’t think there is any happier moment than making a few jugs of margaritas and having all your favourite people round to enjoy it with you.”